Top 10 ways to use Scratch-off Cards at a Shower!

Every now and then, someone contacts us and says "These are SO cute! How do they work?" The answer is that there are countless ways to enjoy scratch-off cards. We thought we'd share some of our favorites here on the blog!

1. Door Prizes
Hand a card to each guest as they arrive as a fun way to give away a door prize as an icebreaker! Be sure that the number of winning cards you hand out matches the number of prizes that you purchase. Winning cards come packaged separately for you to shuffle in, and we can include any number of winning cards with your order so you have exactly what you need!=

2. Virtual Shower Game / Pre-Shower Game
Include a scratch-off card with each invitation for guests to scratch ahead of time to give them a taste of the fun they'll have at the shower. Those with the winning card can bring it to the shower to redeem their prize! Or if you will be hosting a virtual shower (online), this is a great game to play with guests who may be scattered all over the country! Mail cards out to each guest and instruct winners to snap a shot of their winning card on their camera phone and text the picture to you in order to claim a virtual gift card or prize!

3. Diaper or Wine Raffle
In the invitation, invite guests to bring a pack of diapers (for a baby shower) or a bottle of wine (for a bridal shower) in addition to their gift to be entered into a raffle. Each guest receives a scratch-off ticket, with one winner to receive a grand prize!

4. Play with Gift Bingo
If you are playing Bingo during the gift opening, hand out scratch-off cards to bingo-callers in lieu of prizes for a chance to win a grand prize. It's like a game within a game, and is a great way to keep the fun going during the entire gift opening without the need to purchase dozens of prizes. Find our coordinating bingo cards here.

5. Set The Timer
Set a timer to go off randomly while the guest of honor is opening her gifts. The person whose gift is being opened when the buzzer goes off is given a scratch-off to open. This is a great budget-conscious idea for those who have a large shower with lots of guests. Our cards are available in sets of 12 of 24, which is a perfect quantity for this game. This is another great way to hold the attention of guests during gift opening, and guests will be all the more aware of who gave each gift!

6. Under the Seat Surprise
Tape scratch-off cards under each seat (or under select seats, if you're on a budget) with one winning card in the room. Guests must scratch to see if they've got a winning ticket!

7. Large Shower Budget Savers
Want to play lots of games, but don't have a huge budget for prizes to give each winner? Control your prizes by handing out a scratch-off ticket to each game winner for a chance to win a grand prize at the end of the shower. To keep the suspense, instruct guests to refrain from scratching until the last game has been played. Then all at once, allow each card holder to scratch to reveal the winner overall. Consider having smaller consolation prizes on hand for the other card holders.

8. Beat the Line
Place a card under each plate, and instruct each guest to scratch their card. Randomly distribute winners throughout each table. The table with the most number of winning cards gets to be first in line for cake! Or if you would prefer, award the table with a shareable prize (a bag of M&M's, mini hand sanitizers for each guest, or a bowl of snack-sized candies to share).

9. Centerpiece Prizes
If you have guests seated around tables, lay a card at each placesetting with one winning card at each table. The person with the winning card gets to take the centerpiece after the shower is over! They're a fun way to add color to the table and kick off the fun! Mix and match our cards (available in a variety of colors and styles) to create a look that's all your own!

10. Favor / Goodie Bags
Place a scratch-off in each favor bag for guests to scratch before they leave. The winning card holder can receive a prize on the way out!

We hope you have so much fun with these cards! Shop the full collection here!

a shower fit for a sister!

My little sister Tali's bridal shower was this past weekend, and the day was as lovely as she is! I'm so excited to share some of these details from the day. Looking around the room, I felt so deeply grateful that my sister has such strong friendships in her life. I know that this is because she's been such a true friend to them, so it came as no surprise when so many of them asked how they could help!

The Plans | We went with her wedding colors: coral, peach & navy, with rustic/garden elements. I didn't want to get too "stuck" on a particular theme, as her style is more eclectic. Being out of town, we (the bridal party) planned the shower remotely. Thanks to a shared Google Doc and Pinterest board, we were able to pull it all together without ever meeting in person.

The Decorations | The week before the shower, I painted Ball Mason jars with milk paint and distressed them with sandpaper (12 jars for under $20). For the floral arrangements, we ordered a few large bunches of seeded eucalyptus and silver dollar eucalyptus (3 bunches @ $15/bunch filled all 12 jars perfectly). I happened to have some (very real-looking) silk anemone and peonies, which we added to the bunches of fresh greenery. For an easy and inexpensive table runner, we used a roll of kraft paper and added white polka-dots with a chalk pen! To bring a bit more charm and personality to the space, we brought in crates and other little vintage boxes to use on the tables and crate elevations. TIP: Playing with height and elevation on a food or beverage table is a great way to make your table display more dynamic! Lastly, a few days before the shower I decided to make a tassel garland out of tissue paper. This fun DIY project became the centerpiece of the sweet table, with a lot of impact. If you're handy, this is a great low-cost decoration with a high end look! 

The Food & Drinks | Guests sipped on white sangria; the perfect beverage for a steamy hot summer day! Caprese skewers, samosas, cured meats and some of our favorite cheeses covered the food table, and were perfect for nibbling on over the course of the afternoon. We finished off with fruit kabobs, cheesecake bites, and cupcakes!

The Favors | My go-to party favors are foaming hand soaps by Bath & Body Works. I get them for Every. Shower. I. Plan. They're not only pretty, but they're something that everyone can use. I dressed these up with a little tulle bow, but really they're so pretty just on their own.

The Games | The bride-to-be wanted the day to be personal, casual and fun... so we didn't want games to be a huge part of the day. Most of the shower was spent mingling and eating the yummy food! But still, what's a shower without some prizes and swag for guests to enjoy? We had guests guess the number of candies in jars (always a classic), and had them fill out Wishes for the Couple cards for Tali and Jake. Then during gift-opening, we played Bridal Bingo, followed by Scratch-off Cards to hand out the remaining prizes.

Invitations: Paperless Post
Easel-style Chalk Sign: Kirkland's
Shower games: Inklings Paperie
Balloons: Kidz Party Shoppe
Mylar "love" balloon: Steph Shives Studio
Ball Mason Jars: Amazon
Tassel Garland: Inklings Paperie


printable pirate party!

printable pirate party!


Dear Caleb,

I blinked, and you turned five. Yesterday, you were just a 9lb 3oz warm, cooing weight in my arms. Today, my arms were full and you held the door open for me without me asking. Twice. My heart grew when you were born five years ago, and it hasn't stopped growing. God is so good.

Today, we celebrated your 5th birthday.

first day of school


I had a moment last night, as I was getting things ready for our son's first day of Jr. Kindergarten. A moment where I wondered how on earth my little guy was old enough to be going to school. A real, full-fledged elementary school, with hallways and drinking fountains and an office. Wasn't I just carrying him in my arms? 

About a month ago, I shipped several sets of lunchbox notes out into the world. So last night as was in the kitchen making a little scratch-off love note to stow away in my son's pocket (he is in Jr. Kindergarten, so they don't stay for lunch) and I wondered how many other kiddos out there would be scratching off a little love note from mom or dad on their first day of school as well, and would feel a warm smile creep from their heart up to their face. 

I couldn't help but feel connected with so many other parents out there who might be packing a lunch or laying out an outfit (or in our case, new Spider Man underpants... yeah!) for the next morning. Parents who shared the same worries and concerns and hopes for their little one(s). 

I love to think that each little item that we create in some way connects us to others, and brings a little more joy to their day. A first day of school. A baby shower. A special announcement. So whether this is your first day of school, or just an ordinary day, warm wishes from my heart and home to yours!


20 + 20 (Mark's 40th Birthday Bash!)

My husband Mark turns 40 this year, and when I asked him how he'd like to celebrate it, he responded, "A day at the cottage with friends." So this weekend, we did just that.

Naturally, there was some paper prettiness that went down. He is married to me, after all. I joke with friends that my creativity ends when I get in the kitchen, so I tried to line up as much catering as I could so that I was able to focus on my forté: cute decorations, and good wine. Hehe.

For the theme, I started with a black & white chalkboard motif... but then I worried that it might seem too depressing (mostly black), so I threw some mint green in there. Where does the "20+20" come from? Well, he's as fun as two twenty year olds (I wish I knew where I read that...) so I thought I'd spin off of that for fun. I cut long runners (12" wide) out of chalk cloth that I found here, and then at the last minute I drew some fun swirls and numbers on the runners. It was an easy way to dress up our simple white tablecloths!

Our food was catered by the phenomenal chef Dino Grossi, a client and friend of mine from Volare Ristorante in Wixom. And together with the help of some friends and family, we pulled off a perfect evening and the funnest weekend filled with laughter, conversation, and good food to celebrate my hubby.

Looking forward to many more birthday celebrations to come!

Happy Birthday Mark!